E-mail Gateway


The E-mail Gateway is a Windows®-based software application that provides the capability to send and receive emails using the TR2xxx HF Radio using STANAG 5066 as the transport protocol.

The E-mail Gateway can be configured to function as a Gateway HF Node connected via an Email Server to the Internet or as a normal HF Node. An HF Node sends/receives emails using an Email Client.



  • The E-mail Gateway connects to a TR2xxx internal STANAG 5066 ARQ protocol stack via the serial data interface and provides interoperable, networked, error-free efficient communication via the HF Radio.

  • The E-mail Gateway supports Email Client software like Microsoft Outlook Express® through SMTP and POP3 protocols. These allow the E-mail Gateway software to accept email from Email Clients and to deliver emails to Email Servers.

  • The E-mail Gateway increases throughput by using the standardized STANAG 5066 CFTP over-the-air protocol with built-in compression and failure resumption capability. The E-mail Gateway can also be used on Frequency Hopping HF Network

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