The VIT1000 provides access to ship intercom system via handset/headset, loudspeaker/mic, with touch screen control. Remote control of radios also possible. The VIT1000 is the newest addition to a growing range of ship intercom products, offered in conjunction with Trilogy/Clear-Com. With the familiar user interface


  The TR3000 is a 2U 19″ wideband HF transceiver for use in base stations, shelters, or maritime installations, and provides the user with a secure digital voice and up to 48 kHz wideband data capability. The high performance and customer configurability of the TR3000 is


The LANDSEC™ ACR500MKIIs offers the latest SDR technology for highly reliable airborne Combat & Net Centric operations with Data & Voice in the COMSEC, TRANSEC, TDMA/CSMA and LINK 16/22 like environment.   This SDR allows the User to define waveforms based on their Operational and Mission


ACR500MkII Tactical Data Link (TDL) trials were successfully completed in South America during August 2019. The ACR500MKII was installed in a patrol aircraft with counter stations at a land base station and two ships. Positions of surface targets, own forces and areas of interest