Link ZA (LZA) is a Tactical Data Link Protocol Standard.   The reliable exchange of tactical data is of primary importance to coordinate the actions of ships, airborne platforms and land-based units to achieve mission goals.

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  • LZA offers the possibility to exchange tactical data between multiple military platforms: reliable, secure and simple.
  • The LZA tactical data link network acts as a “force multiplier”: available tactical data is shared over self-managing and adaptive radio networks for the following purposes:
  • Tactical Situational Awareness
  • Tactical Orders
  • Status Reporting
  • Network can operate on HF, VHF and UHF, SATLINK networks.
  • TDMA and CSMA is supported
  • National INFOSEC and TRANSEC are supported by the LZA network.
  • LZA node controller can act as a store and forward node controller for different radio NET’s (eg. link HF to VHF)
  • LZA node controller can access multiple carrier mediums and data can be sent on the appropriated  link
  • Easy integration into any Combat Management System or Air Management System
  • Up to 31 active participants and unlimited passive participants
  • Support fixed routing and dynamic routing tables
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