The LANDSEC™ ACR500MKIIs offers the latest SDR technology for highly reliable airborne Combat & Net Centric operations with Data & Voice in the COMSEC, TRANSEC, TDMA/CSMA and LINK 16/22 like environment.   This SDR allows the User to define waveforms based on their Operational and Mission requirements.   It is qualified for Combat and Utility roles on Rotary and Fixed wing platforms with reliable Doppler corrections for supersonic operation.   ACR500MKIIs is a drop in replacement for ACR500 of all variants to enhance the Radio capabilities in Data & Voice in military operations.

The ACR500MKIIs, built on Reutech’s 50 years of experience in Tactical Military Radio Engineering offers Seamless, Autonomous Secure Voice and Data capability for V/UHF Tactical Communication Networks enabling interoperability between Land, Air and Naval platforms.