Force Awareness Software (FAS)


  • Track multiple remote stations generating LZA Own position messages.
  • Track own station with NMEA position messages.
  • Track multiple remote stations with manual updates



  • Display position of stationary stations.
  • Saves track data persistently.
  • Create track stores periodically, e.g. can create a new track store for every day or week.
  • Highlight or hide tracks.
  • Change track point shape, size, and colour.
  • Supports Vector and raster maps.
  • Saves maps as layers in a spatial database that is geo-referenced on a globe that represents the entire earth.
  • Easily swap between different spatial databases containing different maps and/or map styles.
  • Automatically download and Geo-reference maps from popular map servers like Google maps, Bing Maps and Open Street Maps.
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