Reutech Communications is in full support of the fight against COVID-19, and the measures put in place by the South African Government to curb its spread. We have prioritised health and safety of our employees. During the lockdown period, we made significant changes to all our facilities such as installation of sanitization booth, changes to access controls and developed protocols in line with Government Health & Safety Regulation Guidelines.

A comprehensive return to work plan was developed to ensure that facilities were ready for employees when operations resume. The plan includes amendments of our standard operating policies and practices including social distancing, temperature screening, hygiene protocols, improved cleaning practices as well as visitors & suppliers protocols.  We also established a COVID-19 task team that is responsible for communication regarding Covid-19, administrative controls, operational controls, safe work practices as well as to review the effectiveness of the implemented health & safety guidelines and procedures.

We resumed operations on 4th May 2020 under extreme precautions and guidelines as prescribed by level 4 lockdown government regulations.  We have implemented shift work to ensure compliance whilst we do our utmost best to honor commitments to our valued stakeholders.

The wellbeing of our employees is paramount; we continue to share information to equip them with knowledge and skills to protect themselves and their families from this virus.

As we stand together and fight this pandemic, we must put all efforts to curb the spread of this virus.