Sustainable Development:  a reciprocal path

South African society is plagued by many social ills, including skills crisis, unemployment, poverty and crime.  Government has made a priority of dealing with these challenges.  Government alone cannot win the battle against these ills.

To overcome these challenges, forward-thinking companies like Reutech Communications (RC), a division of Reutech (Pty) Ltd. appreciate the value of forging a sustainable and reciprocal relationship with communities and government in order to combat these challenges.

Preferential Procurement:

RC recognizes that if transformation and black economic empowerment in South Africa are to be successful, big business must actively support the development of smaller enterprises.  If successfully implemented, preferential procurement will drive economic growth, entrepreneurship, skills development and job creation.

Enterprise development:

We acknowledge that Enterprise Development plays a vital role in the transformation of the South African economy and can contribute to market share for BEE companies.  SMMEs are considered big contributors towards economic growth and job creation.

Our new enterprise development strategy seeks to enhance the support we give to exiting black owned, black empowered and black engendered SMMEs.  Doing this we trust would help us contribute to the South African government’s job creation agenda.

Favorable payment terms

In terms of our Preferential Procurement and Enterprise Development policies (which are in line with codes 500 and 600 of the ICT Sector Code), RC has implemented favorable payment terms for selected  ICT sector based Small and Medium Size Enterprises (SMMEs) as categorised below:

  1. Businesses which are at least 50.1% owned by Previously Disadvantaged Individuals (PDIs);
  2. Businesses which are at least 25.1% owned by PDIs (women); and
  3. Businesses with at least 5% shareholding stake held by PDIs with disabilities. 

Businesses meeting the criteria outlined above are eligible for our favorable payment terms. If so, please forward the following information to the Materials Manager:

Peter Huppe

9 Valley View road

New Germany, KZN



  1. Proof of shareholding by Black women;
  2. Proof of turnover;
  3. Proof of industry in which your business operate;
  4. Valid BEE certificate; and
  5. Contact details. 
  6. Terms and conditions apply.