Recycle for a better world!

As most of you must have seen, our company has been “GOING GREEN”!

DON’T WASTE has been operating within our company to help us recycle.


Inside the Canteen, you will find three different bins one for food waste, one for recyclable items and one for non-recyclable items.  Please separate your food waste accordingly?image019

All batteries, e.g. Cadmium, Lithium etc.  must be delivered to maintenance for disposal. Disposal of batteries is done by an approved disposal authority.

All fluorescent Tubes and energy saving lamps must be delivered to maintenance who will dispose of it into a specialized container.

All empty toners and cartridges  to be delivered to IT.   IT to deliver used components to waste area.

In office areas you will find paper bins for all paper waste, please do not put cardboard into these bins.

Recyclable items

As mentioned above

Washed Polystyrene containers

Clean plastic food utensils, glass and tins

Non-recyclable items

Cigarette boxes, chocolate wrappers, chips packets, paper towels,

Boxed cold drink, boxed milk containers and used foil

Plastic wrapping which has been in contact with food.

We would love it if you would bring your recyclable items from home and deliver it to the separation area at the back of the factory,

help us help the world!