Report June –Dec 2014

The latter half of 2014 has been as exciting and rewarding as was the first part of the year. 2014 has, in fact, been amazing evidence of what the spirit of cooperation, generosity, good will and prayer can achieve.

In the photo below we show the Tholulwazi/Philangethemba campus taken at the beginning of spring when the new grass on the sports field replaced the burned brown of the winter. The new goal posts can also be seen. The new basketball/netball/volleyball court next to the change rooms, built this year are also in evidence. The so-called “whitehouse” in the foreground, the first double storied building in the valley houses the Reutech-funded computer laboratory which has brought state-of-the-art IT facilities to the valley and always catches the eye as you drive down to Molweni.

When we see this vista we are reminded of the scripture “The lord has done this and it is marvellous in our eyes” Ps 118:23.


True to our vision for the year the focus has been assisting in improving the lives of children in our community. The crèche near the offices, Khololwethu met with us and asked if we could assist them with upgrading their facilities. Once again, thanks to very generous donors much is being done to the crèche building and for the staff. The kitchen is being extended and kitchen cupboards and equipment have been provided. The toilets are being upgraded and an office for the supervisors

has been created and the entire crèche electrified. All this was achieved using local labour.

Dabulamanzi crèche in Umgababa also asked for assistance and a similar project was funded. A classroom for babies was built, and the kitchen and toilets were refurbished and upgraded.