The Philangethemba vision for a more intense focus into the lives of the children of Lower Molweni and environs has born much fruit in the last quarter.  In the computer centre (sponsored and supported by Reutech Communications), grade 5 and 6 learners from Bazamile Primary school are rapidly assimilating the basic skills of computer literacy and are extremely enthusiastic and motivated.

Tholulwazi High School’s grade 10, 11 and 12 learners have begun training.  The allocated time is during the sports period but the students are so keen that they have afternoon lessons too.

A new and exciting development in the use of the computer room occurred this year.  Ms Emily Mbhele, the English teacher at Tholulwazi has been very involved in the African Storybook Project and there are at least 300 stories loaded on to the computers in the computer centre in both English and IsiZulu.  A video has been commissioned by the African Storybook team using Ms Mbhele and her classes to demonstrate effective use of on line stories as reading tools.

As a company, we are committed to learning and development.  Our Socioeconomic development project at Molweni Valley also serves as a pipeline for sourcing suitable candidates to enter our workplace as trainees.  2015 is the first year for the roll out of Learnerships.  A Learnership results in a qualification.  It is a work-place education and training programme comprising of both structured practical workplace (on-the-job) experience (70% of the content) and structured theoretical training (30% of the content) conducted against registered Unit Standards at an Accredited Training Institution.  The duration of a Learnership is approximately twelve months.  There are 43 people on 5 different types of Learnerships comprising 21 unemployed learners, 2 unemployed learners with disabilities and 22 employed learners throughout the company.