IDEX 2021

Reliable secure ECM protected tactical communications backed by more than 50 years’ experience

Reutech Communications, a division of Reutech (Pty) Ltd, and global leader in secure tactical communications for the integrated battlefield, specialises in providing innovative solutions in secure military tactical communications systems for airborne, naval and land-based applications in the HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands since 1968.

Highly advanced and secure

Reutech Communications’ LANDSEC™ offering covers the complete spectrum of tactical battlespace requirements with a family of fully interoperable software-defined military secure CNRs.

‘The range with its associated equipment and management software offers highly-advanced, secure voice and data network links with ECCM for airborne, ground-based and maritime applications. This enables a seamless interchange of information for the modern data centric battlefield,’ Manoj Hiralal, the CEO explains.

He adds that the LANDSEC™ family is a fully interoperable system providing all the components for a fully integrated, flexible and scalable tactical communication system. The modular and scalable approach not only allows for the creation of various sub-systems, but also enables the phased fielding of a complete network over time. The system covers all aspects of the communications system lifecycle for seamless configuration, management and operation. A unique offering also available to end users is a Tactical Data Link that can be integrated into existing systems.

Their innovative approach of providing standard waveform building blocks embedded in every radio provides the user with the unique ability to build application/ mission specific waveforms, which optimises communications services for specific requirements. This approach also creates an ever-changing electronic signature, making the task of identification of radio sources all the more difficult.

 System support

Hiralal notes that all Reutech Communications’ products are operationally proven. ‘We can rapidly adapt our products to specific customer feature and localisation requirements, thereby creating solutions within agreed time frames and importantly, it includes system support for integration, operation and maintenance of the products. This customer centric approach is fundamental for partnering with local industry to create capability and skills.

Continuous innovation

Reutech Communications continuously invests in R&D and product development in order to leverage the latest advancements in software defined radio and digital processing technology. These investments also permit Reutech Communications to hone the performance of their products. Military radios using an embedded Linux operating system, high-speed direct RF sampling techniques, and new high performance system on chip architectures, are some of the technology highlights of new product developments.