The LANDSEC ™ FTR1100 is a 1.6 MHz to 30 MHz, 125 W or HF transceiver for Landward, Airborne and Maritime communications in static 19″ rack mounted installations




  • User definable tamper proof QCM-R module for full INFOSEC and TRANSEC autonomy
  • CNIS Link-ZA Compliant Tactical Data Link using STANAG 5066
  • Supports Data according to MIL-STD-188-110A and STANAG 4285
  • Supports Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) as per MIL-STD-188-141A, APP A
  • Automatic own position reporting using GPS
  • Multiple digital control interfaces allows system integration versatility (Ethernet IP, USB)
  • Common LANDSEC™ HMI with integrated text messaging from front panel
  • Local and Networked remote control
  • Built-in speaker, mic and PTT available from front panel
  • Excellent Co-location performance
  • Split site operable (separate TX/RX site)
  • The FTR1100, when deployed with an external power amplifier provides the user with a 500W, 1KW, 5KW or 10KW system capability
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