Progress on new SANDF tactical communication system

(Courtesy Defence Web) Radio users in the four services of the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) will note with interest an announcement in the Armscor annual report for the 2018/19 financial year. The state-owned defence acquisition agency states: “The development and industrialisation phase of the new

SANDF Armour Formation

3rd April 2019. Celebrating the 20th year of existence of the SA Army Armour Formation and its Headquarters, new shoulder flashes were introduced. As sponsors of this event, RC became friends of the SA Army Armour Formation, and Atwell Mhlongo, Divisional Director, Sales & Marketing


The BIRO and HOTEL Project Team, under the leadership of Roger Couzens, visited the SAS MAKHANDA Offshore Patrol Vessel at Naval Base Durban on Tuesday 16th October 2018 in order to familiarise the team with what a typical Ship Integrated Communications System looks like.

Landward demo – Phalaborwa – October 2017

A demonstration was held at Phalaborwa with the South African Special Forces to demonstrate performance characteristics of Reutech Communications New Generation HF and V/UHF radios. The demo also served to demonstrate GPS tracking and movements of the exercise as well as various scenarios which the

Reutech introduces full SDR communication system solution

Reutech Communications is launching an export version of its tactical communication system, specifically aimed at clients requiring a flexible tactical communications system with complete COMSEC and TRANSEC autonomy. This software defined digital network enables the military user to connect his C2 systems, sensors, weapons and


The Philangethemba vision for a more intense focus into the lives of the children of Lower Molweni and environs has born much fruit in the last quarter.  In the computer centre (sponsored and supported by Reutech Communications), grade 5 and 6 learners from Bazamile Primary

SDV Goes Live with StockTrack

   The StockTrack implementation at the SDV Jet Park warehouse went live during September. The system automates the capture and binning of incoming goods, the picking and dispatch of outgoing goods, as well as intra-warehouse movements and stock taking. The system runs on Seuic handhelds, for

Celebrating 45 years

Reutech Communications, a global supplier of advanced secure tactical radio communications, celebrating 45 years in research & development and manufacture of military communications products announces the launch of their new LANDSECTM range of software defined Combat Net Radios (CNR).

Tracking medical waste using barcode technology

Reutech Communications provide bar coding technology to track and weigh your healthcare risk waste. Each container receives a unique bar code that is able to generate numerous custom designed reports with varying degrees of detail.   Reutrack Scanning and Weighing System The focus of our scanning and weighing


REUTECH COMMUNICATIONS APPOINTED AS DISTRIBUTOR FOR THE RFID & BARCODE HANDHELD READERS Jiangsu SEUIC Technology Company (China) has appointed Reutech Communications as distributor for the Auto ID range of smart RFID and barcode readers for South Africa. SEUIC is a major manufacturer

Recycle for a better world!

As most of you must have seen, our company has been “GOING GREEN”! DON’T WASTE has been operating within our company to help us recycle. Inside the Canteen, you will find three different bins one for food waste, one for recyclable items