Reutech introduces full SDR communication system solution

Reutech Communications is launching an export version of its tactical communication system, specifically aimed at clients requiring a flexible tactical communications system with complete COMSEC and TRANSEC autonomy. This software defined digital network enables the military user to connect his C2 systems, sensors, weapons and intelligence together seamlessly across the battlefield by means of its tactical data link system. Integration is easy through the standard Ethernet ports. COMSEC is ensured through a range of encryption options, ranging from a standard Reutech crypto module  to a fully user-defined and implemented module. The latter approach ensures full autonomy and eliminates the risk of “hidden trapdoor” code for the user. TRANSEC is secured through a variety of frequency agile techniques, including frequency hopping and frequency spreading modes that can work with or independent of  GPS .


The data link is based on well proven network methodology and allows the end-user to define his own message content (with computerised design tools) and even offers a translation module between different application protocols (so that the system applications can be used off-the-shelf). This flexibility in system design is also evident in the multitude of options available to the end-user to customise the radio waveforms per channels to meet specific mission needs.


The product family consists of a wide variety of vehicle and man-portable radios (HF, VHF, V/UHF and soldier intercom), a tactical communications management system (that includes layered frequency planning, fill management, asset and configuration tracking for software, crypto and fill version control, radio management and network status), IVCS, satcom access and a logistic support system. In addition, transfer of technology packages can be made available, ranging from module replacement to in-country manufacturing.